C++ is the devil! (Newbie)


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Not really, but seriously, how do I include something as simple as User32.lib?! It's ridiculous how many methods I've tried and failed.
How might I go about doing such a simple thing? :yell:

what IDE/compiler are you using? usually in an IDE you need to add it to the project; for a compiler the -L command line switch should include the specified libraries; or, if you compiled to an object file, you need to use the switch for the linker. If you're using Visual C++ Express 2005 you need to follow the procedure for installing the SDK.
Well, it was standard ^_^ And I don't remember cutting out anything during install.

what type of project are you creating? try adding that lib into the library list of the project. If you're a student, you can probably get the 2k5 pro or 2k8 pro version for free from DreakSpark.
I suspected I needed to >_>
what makes you think you need to? user32.lib is only used for programs that reference the platform SDK. You created a managed c++ project (for .NET), which doesn't use the platform SDK.
The text "Import Library" :|
And, the function isn't working with the 2 includes it described.
#include <Windows.h>
#include <Winuser.h>