C++ DeCompiler


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Hey guys. I'm kinda new to this, obviously ;) I'm reading up on some programming and would like the best decompiler for C++ I can get so I can decompile stuff and examine code. There is a specific reason for that I became interested in this, I will admit, and that is to crack a program. The program I am looking to crack is NOT copyrighted in any way shape or form. I'm looking to bite someone in the ass for screwing over a friend of mine. I would rather not go into detail on what this program is, but I will say it's a spammer. It needs to be cracked, and the guy who wrote it needs to go to hell, and I shall stop at nothing, and learn in the process. Any recommendations as to an excellent decompiler would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Well, you can't really decompile something into C++. You'd be more likely disassembling it into assembly, which is harder to understand, especially since all the nice variable names and stuff are lost when you compile. That actually would make it a *lot* harder to understand.

Oh well. I got some haXor tools (debugging and what not) and some guides, I'll figure it out eventually. Supposably it's fairly easy to crack, so it shouldn't be too long before I get my head above water :D
Ok this is beyond me :( Maybe some day. Anyone want to take a shot at this program for me? It's basically an executable program that appears to be written in C++/Visual C++ or whatever. You'd need certain runtime libraries to run it in 98/ME, but XP appears to have everything needed. The applications protection scheme appears to be something like this...

1). Original developer compiles a new executable for user.
2). User executes new file; hardware ID or serial number is sent to php server and creates the initial password for the user name which is coded into the executable upon compile.
3). PHP server now has password stored as hardware ID, and other computers can't login without correct ID now.

I would greatly appreciate if someone would offer to look at this. Let me know and I will send it to you. The file is only like 84 kb in size. Thanks.
Your best bet would be to run a licensed copy of the software and examine the net traffic to the php host. Knowing what the software sends and expects you can spoof the server and activate the program. In general terms this is how the battle.net emulator was created, but doing so for copy protection circumvention would be illegal. Also if you are trying to access services provided by the server, all of that is pointless anyway.