Buddy is building new rig


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A buddy is currently building a new rig. So far he's almost settled on all parts. It will be a pure gaming build.

Intel i7-13700KF
Corsair Hydro iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT
ASROCK Z790 Phantom Gaming Lightning DDR5
32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 Corsair 5600MHz Vengeance
2TB Kingston NV1 M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVME (L 2100MB/s ; S 1700MB/s)
850W Gigabyte P850GM 80+ Gold
Corsair 4000D AIRFLOW

3 questions:

1.) I'm not so sure about the PSU, it seems to be a bit too low perfomancewise, but i'm sure you folks know better.

2.) The second thing is space for all of his games, he needs at least around 4TB. Personally i'd go with SSD/NVME but of coure those are a "bit" pricier than the older hdds. Any idea on how to save some bucks and still get the best possible performance?

3.) I'm also not sure if he should go with Intel or AMD.

On a sidenote, the system above will set him back a whooping 3k, yay pc parts prices!​​
1) isn’t this the same PSU model that kept blowing up? Get a 1000 watts and be happy. Any Silverstone, EVGA etc. would do.
2) that seems like a shitty ssd. I would get anything that is PCIe gen 4 2 TB. And add a normal 2.5 inch SSD 2-4 TB for storage. maybe add 500 GB as dedi OS NVMe that can be Gen 3.
3) Intel is better platform. AMD still has teething issues like long boot times etc. Just go Intel and forget about it.

I would also get some CL 30 or CL 32 DDR5 6000 ram for good measure.

Dude is already going out. Cheapening around 50-100 bucks doesn’t make sense.

My 2 cents.