BSOD Help. hal.dll + ntoskrnl.exe

So, looks to be either a USB Bandwidth, or USB Power issue.
By plugging everything in to different ports (Guessing which ports are on the same hub internally) it works. No BSODs, just works.

So, going to get a powered USB HUB to see if that resolves it when things are plugged in differently again, but I think it's OK for now.

Some devices don't like usb hubs, specially VR devices.

You can check how much power each device draws in the device manager under usb controllers (it's one of the tabs when you click on the usb hubs etc.) I believe the max voltage per hub is 500mv (i am referring to the usb hubs built into the motherboard) but I may be mistaken. Most but not all usb devices generally draw 100mv, so you will obviously need to add up all the devices connected to that one hub and make sure they don't total more than the 500mv. That is if a powered usb hub doesn't work for you.
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Feeling like it's a USB Bandwidth issue. can that cause a DMA Driver error?

Not the problem... from your earlier post:

An illegal DMA operation was attempted by a driver being verified.

DMA is Direct Memory Access. Each port has an IO space. When you're sharing on a hub, you're probably getting a shared space and one of the drivers doesn't do things properly and ASSUMING that it can do what it wants to... basically assuming that it doesn't have to coexist with other hardware in that IO space.

So, at least one device can't be on the hub because it's not doing things correctly.
Thanks, that actually helps clear things up a little.
What interesting is, the same devices were plugged into the external hub, which was just connected to a different internal hub.