Broadcom to Acquire AMD DTV Business


Keeping The Peace
Hopefully, the sell-off of the DTV business will help AMD out in the long run.

AMD and Broadcom have entered into an agreement that would net Broadcom AMD's Digital TV business. The deal will cost Broadcom $192.8 million in cash. Broadcom says that the acquisition still needs to get AMD shareholder approval and it hopes that the deal will be complete in Q4 2008.

For its $192 million, Broadcom will get AMD's full DTV product line including the Xilleon integrated DTV processor, complete turnkey reference designs, NXT receiver ICs, and the Theater 300 DTV processor. Broadcom will also get other processors that improve video playback performance with motion compensation, frame rate conversion, and scaling.

DTV processors and other intellectual property are not all the acquisition will get Broadcom. Broadcom will also be inviting all 530 of the AMD dedicated DTV personnel to join it as well as key managers and marketing personnel for AMD's DTV business.

Source: DailyTech