Bricks have been shat! D750 high ISO


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Imagine Resource has tested the D750...

Here is an ISO 12800, JPG out of camera, Normal Noise Reduction.
No PP at all:

ISO25600 noise reduction at zero, JPG no PP, resize to 1504


ISO12800 noise reduction at zero, JPG no PP, rezise to 1504

Dang. Wish I had a sensor like that! I remember with film I would shoot 400 max. The 20D 1600. Now the 70D...probably 6400. Maybe 12800 desperate. THAT one I would easily do the 12800 no problem. Amazing.
They did a pretty amazing stuff with these newer releases. Im really happy that they are moving this fast, at this rate i cant imagine the possibilities when i retire my d800 :drool: