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First off, where did the old 3D programming forum go, or am I being a bit blind?

I am comp sci graduate from about 3 years back looking for a job in software engineering (preferrably C++). However, I've had no luck getting a job in that role in that period, and after a recent interview, I've discovered I've forgot an awful lot in those 3 years. To remedy this, I'm trying to get heavily focused on working on my graphics engine (which I started as part of my final year project, but rarely touched since).

To support that, I'm after a couple of books. Firstly, I'm after decent C++ tome, preferrably of intermediate to advanced level (i.e. aimed at intermediate level bringing them up to more advanced levels, rather than galvanising a guru). I can find a lot of books, but not too many reviews, so informed opinion would be welcome.

Secondly, any recommendations on DirectX 9.0 shader books covering HLSL, PS 2.0 etc. Not advanced. Again, I've seen a few, but no real reviews.

I'm out of work atm, so I don't want to risk chucking £60 at a pair of books that aren't too much use.

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