BMW’s iX Flow (E ink)


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This is really cool.

The German automaker unveiled at the CES technology conference this week a new concept vehicle called the iX Flow with "E Ink" that can change colors.
It also showed off a new in-car 31-inch "BMW Theatre Screen" with Amazon Fire TV that's expected to go into future production vehicles.
The fluid color changes are made possible by a specially developed body wrap that's similar to material used in an Amazon Kindle E-Reader that's tailored to the contours of the all-electric vehicle.
Just wait until somebody hacks the car to show pr0n on the E Ink. :bleh:
Maybe thinking of that shape shifting thing they showed off years ago?

No I definitely remember a paint that would change colors via electric pulses to the panels. It would change different colors based on the type of voltage sending to the panel. I dont think it was BMW either.