Bluray audio woes


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ok, I just got a new bluray player... my old one had component outputs and I sent the audio to my receiver and video to the tv. Easy peasy.

New player has ONLY an HDMI output (receiver has no HDMI), so I take the HDMI to the TV, and output the TV to the receiver over optical. This works fine... sort of.

When my satellite does the same path (Sat->HDMI->TV->Optical->Reciever) I get multichannel Dolby.

When my bluray does it, various things happen. I'll use my Inception disk as a baseline.

If the bluray player is set to Bitstream output, then during the WB promo stuff before the movie, I get Dolby multichannel. Good... so we know that the player CAN do it. When I actually play the MOVIE though, I get PCM 2 channel audio... on the 1st english audio track. In French, Spanish and Portugese I get multichannel!

So, the 1st english audio track is listed as being recorded in DTS HD MA.
The other tracks are Multi Ch.

So it seems like the player is not capable to converting this DTS HD MA format into a format that my TV likes, so downgrades it to PCM 2 channel?

I also tried PCM, PCM Multi, and DTS Re-Encode Blueray output modes and didn't see any improvement (though the WD intro and other language tracks lost multichannel)

Bluray is LG BP335W. TV is LG 55lw5600.

Research is showing that the TV is not DTS compatible. Grrrrrrrr. So, the only way to work this is to replace my receiver, unless I really like stereo?
So, the only way to work this is to replace my receiver, unless I really like stereo?
Pretty much. Or take that new player back and get one with optical/coax out for the audio (then you can send the DTS re-encode to your receiver). Optimal solution is to get a new receiver so you can send the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA direct to it unmolested. Cheaper solution is replacing the BR player.
I had a similar issue recently when I moved my PS3 out of the living room and had to buy a new Blu-Ray player to replace it.

My aging receiver only has an optical jack for the good audio like Dolby Digital and DTS. I definitely didn't want the audio to go through my TV, so I made sure whatever Blu-Ray player I picked definitely had an optical out to go directly into the receiver.:up: