Best TV for Radeon TV-out




I am in the middle of trying to make a back-matching pad and try to fix the problem w/ the ATI's "flicker" problem w/ different monitors.

If ATI doesn't come out w/ there own fix for it, i would like to keep my monitor for "back up" and try to hook my computer up to a TV (i have different reasons to want this). I have a "ok" 27" TV but i think later on i might want to get a different/better TV. Can someone tell me the best TV that has the highest Resolution?

tv signal is not very high res
pal is 320_240 25fps ntcf is 320_200 30fps

most tv's can handle 800_600 at 50/60 hz but then it starts being soo blinky it's ugly and using windows is diff

hhhmm ok i may be a jerk but i'm a jedi jerk like my father was before me :)
I heard the ATI cards do some software trickery to get 800x600 @ 60Hz resolution on TVs.

As for best TV's.... I can't say anthing for any other brands, but with the EXTREME end Sony Triniton TVs the text is actually very legible.
(Yes, I know someone with a KV-35S66.)
If my memory serves me, theoretical maximum television resolutions are 768*576 for PAL and 720*480 for NTSC. So 800*600 is pretty much the best you can output to a tv screen.
Just about any TV with SVideo-IN will have a good picture. I plugged mine into a 52" RCA and the text was much clearer than I expected. The same TV looked terrible with the composite plugged in. I agree with one of the previous posters, Trinitron would be best.
I don't quite agree with regards to Trinitron being the best. I've hooked up my Rage Fury upto my Sony trinitron TV (Ok so it's only 21") and the text is horrible at 800X600. Mind you this is with composite in.
Just a question on the side, is there the possibility of damaging a rear-projector big screen TV through the use of the TV output? Just wondering because when you think about it, it shouldn't be that much different from plugging in a game system (ie. PS, N64) which is supposedly harmful to the screen.
Many of the 1st generation projection TVs were susceptible to gun burnout when attached to a video source that used high-saturation/intensity areas that seldom change.

Video games often do that (backgrounds, etc).

No difference than screensavers.

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There's a WORLD of difference between composite and S-Video on real high end Triniton TVs.

It might be that the larger the screen, the greater the magnification of flaws (and consequently the better the signal, the better the quality).