Best router for 5000 sq ft area?


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I had the ASUS RT something something router. This crap is giving me troubles now. Bought it in 2017 so it's not all bad. It was the one that looked like a Spider out of a transformers movie.
Now I am looking around and can't decide on which one I want. Original was dual band 2.5 G and 5 G but the 5 G never really worked very well. It was fast but finding it around the house was a bitch.

So which are top routers today. I need something for a 5000 sq ft area house with concrete walls. Can't afford something that is crappy. I will go with another ASUS transformer spider thingie because of my good experience but generally it is very expensive (around 650 boners). So it better be good af!
I think you will find that you want a mesh router or add wireless access points if you can run some wires into various areas of the house.

Don't think any single wireless point will give you good coverage at the higher speeds given the size and materials involved.
So it seems like Asus pushed out a bad update that caused all their routers to crap out. It is supposed to be fixed for now. I reset the router and am waiting to see if this fixed the damn thing. What a PITA.

Good that I found the solution online.
Over the weekend I had a problem with my asus router too... appears to not be handing out DHCP addresses on the network ports (both mine and wife's computer). I hardcoded our IP addresses and set DNS to google's server, and it worked fine. Weirdly, wifi seems to be working correctly.
Yes routers needed a hard reset. I did that and now everything is working fine. Stupid ASUS messing up routers all over the world.