Best mid range receiver with 4k 60hz 4:4:4 passthrough?


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My current receiver doesn't support 4k 60hz 4:4:4 chroma passthrough, I've essentially been running an HDMI cable from my 1080Ti directly to my 4k TV, and another HDMI connection directly to my receiver for PCM audio.

Now that I'm looking to buy a PS4 Pro and possibly a 4k UHD blu ray player, this isn't going to work for multiple devices, so I'll need a new receiver.

Any recommendations? I'm not looking for something thousands of dollars, nor something cheap with poor RMS watts per speaker. Like something in the $500-$800 range. It MUST support 4k 60hz 4:4:4 chroma (the last time I checked a year ago, not many receivers did this) passthrough

Input appreciated...if anyone actually reads this subforum :lol:
Pass-through information is still sketchy today as it's not something that the masses look for in a unit. I've seen some advertised that they do pass-through but then users complain it doesn't work so YMMV.

Something that might fit is the Onkyo TX-RZ710.,p_n_feature_two_browse-bin:1267495011

However, given your specific requirements, I would recommend asking in a different forum (one more dedicated to this area):

Another possible option:
Maybe take a look at the RX-A880 on sale or if don't have quite the budget maybe the RX-A780. I have been pretty happy with my RX-A1060 so far. That and Yamaha seems to lead reliability claims.



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Cool thanks for the suggestions. I also actually like the Sony receiver in Pax's thread, but I'm gonna have to research user reviews on all of them to make sure all the functionality I'm looking for is actually there without issues.