Best DVD Decoder?


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After having my 32M Radeon for a few weeks, I just bought a Toshiba 1402 DVD drive today.
I'm wondering what the best decoder is to use with this setup? I also have a TV Wonder so I'm using that MMC, not the Radeon one.
Can I have more than one software DVD program installed also?

Thanks for any opinions!
Often you can have more than one DVD player installed, sometimes they conflict with each other though. If you find one of the players stops working right, that is probably the reason.

I have always been very happy with the ATI player. Others like WinDVD or (gak) PowerDVD better (and it the ATI player doesn't cost anything extra either :)). I'd start with the ATI player and see if it meets your needs first.
oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I want one with the ability to capture screen images too. I've been told that the ATI player won't do this.
ahh, then someone else will have point you to a player that implements the screen shot feature.

I think it might be possible to capture DVD scenes with Hypersnap (search on, but I have never tried it.
hit the print screen key at the top of your computer to capture the image. Once you hit the button go into paint and hit paste then save. There you go and it works with any program.
The best capture feature on any software player I've seen is in Cyberlink's PowerDVD. Check out their website for a trial prog.
btw, the cyberlink capture feature is never disabled on copy-protected DVD's, which is why I consider it to be the best. Many other programs cannot capture the picture on the overlay (you end up saving a blank screen), and others disable it for copy-protected movies. I have never been able to get hypersnap to capture over any overlay surface in any player period. This makes it very difficult to capture my favorite pornography stills and add them to my desktop.
PowerDVD's frame capture only works in pure software mode... if the 'use hardware accelerator' box is checked it won't work.