Best current Android bang for the buck phone that never slows down?


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I tire of installing the apps I use and the phone speed comes to a crawl.

Is there a phone that no matter how you use it, won't slow down and for a reasonable price?
Pixel 6a looks to be a good value. Wife has pixel 6 and likes it.. 6a not appreciably different, but cheaper yet.
Unlocked I'd prefer to stay $300 or under. Trying to take advantage of Xmas sales. The Oneplus N20 5G any good, that my current best pick. I currently have a Moto G Play 2021 btw.
personally i'd stay clear of OnePlus, i really don't like the direction they're heading lately. Maybe a Honor would fit you bill better, they're basically the same as the (well made) Huawei, but with all the google services. I'd still buy and use a Huawei if there weren't the "problems" with Google.That being said, the best bang for the buck would be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro
I think all phones will suffer from slowness as the battery degrades. It may not be the first thing that goes, but eventually it will be unable to handle quick surges of load.
Pixel 6 has a garbage modem/radio.

Good O/S and camera, but sometimes you will want to use your smart phone to make calls / stream videos / use navigation software with GPS.
Always got excellent signal quality on my OnePlus phones with Qualcomm modems, but Google really cheaped out and went with an old-gen Samsung design for the Pixel 6 lineup.

Pretty frustrating missing a turn while navigating and the Pixel 6 takes like a minute to recalculate because it can't keep a steady connection with the GPS satellites/cell towers.
Yeah, I might need to up my price point cause I'm seeing too much of a sideways move. Pixel 7 is now in my sights but not sure I'll like the screen thumb print unlock. I'm constantly 'butt' dialing with pocket and just grabbing the phone. I want to have a phone that stays locked until I for sure unlock it with my fingerprint.
Screen unlock with a backup pattern works OK. Kinda miss the rear fingerprint scanner (seemed a bit more reliable), but it works fine (mine is a Samsung). One hint is to unlock with a thumbprint, not your forefinger, as it's much more natural and to store that thumbprint as multiples from a few different angles so that you don't have to be so careful about alignment.
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