Best Codec for Low-Bandwidth Video?


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I'm looking to stream color video at ~100Kbps, what's the best codec I can encode with for the highest quality?
i know realtime is gay, but that's what i am going with. i have a heap of southpark episodes that are encoded in rm, with a file size around 35mb and they are all reasonable quality, and definitely watchable.
Real Media is good at low bandwidth, but forcing people to use the player is not so great. I would use Windows Media video at that bitrate.
I like windows media encoder, does a pretty good job, and has alot of options. (you can encode to different bitrates at the same time, for streaming)
Dunno how well WMV9 compares to other codecs tho, but wme is atleast free, and readily available on atleast any windows platform..
Quicktime is pretty good aswell I spose, never cared much for it myself tho..
Xvid or Divx are sorta popular aswell I guess..


Yeah, i also think this is a good one.

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Use Xvid and encode using the FFMPEG encoder. It will look quite passable at 1000.
Alternatively you could use the old Divx 3.1 codec with the lo motion plugin. Not quite as good as Xvid but aceptable quality. It will play back with the standard Microsoft MPEG 4 codec. (since it was a rip off of the same)