Banners not always working correctly


New member
I've been making an effort to click on the banners to get you guys some revenue, but in addition to the issue of the Rage3d banner being up very frequently, I've had many occasions today where I've clicked a banner that was NOT a Rage3d banner, and still ended up at

Also, one of the times I clicked on a banner, it was a survey where they were obviously trying to determine the demographics of the visitors to this site. I would think it would be good for people here to take a minute to fill that out (they only identifying thing they ask is your zip code), as it is probably positive data that shows there is a market from the visitors here.


filling out the survey is a very good idea :)

i did experience non-rage3d banners linking to rage3d
but i would think we sould still get credited as a valid click (i hope)

anyways thanks for those clicks and keep'em coming! :D