Backup Software

I too went with Macrium Reflect and bought a license just to be able to get incremental images with 30 days history. This works as differential daily files and at day 30, a full image is preserved and daily updated to be 30 days old (which, when combined with 30 days differential backups make up a full fresh backup). It is also quite fast, taking only a few minutes to make a daily backup of my C: (300GB, approx 2-5GB daily differential).

Just to pile on - also Macrium Reflect here.

For a general backup solution, I rely on Macrium Reflect, both the free and paid versions; I like it a lot.
interesting software..but it looks like you have to create a windows task for it manually. there's no "schedule to run every x mins/days", etc., built-in.

That's right, a couple minutes spent in task scheduler though and it's good to go. You can have it execute pairings with the -r command line argument. It's explained in the help file.

As for the corrupt database. That would be unfortunate. I just don't mess with the folder's .dat files.