AV Receiver And Speaker System Advice?


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Well now that my home theatre is coming together now that I have my BenQ W1080ST setup I need some advice on a sound system and receiver.

I am currently using a Logitech Z5500 setup, its good but not greazt and its aging ( the receiver shuts off by itself, and the centre channel's audio output is extremely low now ).

The following is what I am thinking of getting:

Klipsch Synergy F30 Floor Standing Speakers x2 ( Front left and right )
Klipsch Synergy C20 Centre Channel Speaker
Klipsch Synergy B20 Bookshelf Speakers x2 ( Rear left and right )
Klipsch Synergy 12" Down Firing Sub

I have yet to decide on a receiver, I was thinking Harmon Kardon but their build quality and gone downhill lately so maybe the Denon AVRE400 or the Pioneer VSX-1128-K. 3D is not as important and 7.1/.2 is not either but having the expandability in the future is nice.

But as of right now I will be purchasing it in pieces, probably the receiver and the sub first, but can I use the existing Logitech Speakers as I slowly replace them in the next few months? Second does the Demon or Pioneer supply enough power to the build I desire and third possibly using the Logitech Speakers for now could I possibly start a fire or burn out the speakers?

Thanx guys.
Im a huge fan of denon receivers Hap(I have an avr 2808) Excellent sound quality and power, the audyssey eq and setup mic stuff is top notch also. Im partial to paradigm speakers also, fabulous sound and build quality.
Cant see why not, you will prolly have to get some extra speaker wire tho and extend the lengths for the rears.
Technically you should be able to use them. Impedence likely wont match up, and the receiver may easily over power them. So I wouldn't recommend any high volumes.

But yes, they should work. I've use significanly worse "Jerry-rigged" setups in the past with great success. So I find it hard to see how you'd have any serious issues so long as you under stand the speaker's limitations related to the receiver you're using to drive them.