Aureal Vortex 2 Problems


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Do any of you have an Aureal Vortex2 running with a radeon? I am getting so frustrated. The sound hardware acceleration is screwed up or something. When I play certain games that use acclerated sound (MDK2, Giants)it doesn't work. The music works fine but the effects do not. When you start the game it begins to make bad sounds and when you move the cursor in the game menu it makes more sounds and never stops until you exit the game. I don't see any conflicts with the IRQs either. When I go to direct X to see if the sound works there it does not. It does work when you turn it off acceleration though. Oh yeah, I am using 2048 drivers for the sound card. Are there any newer ones?
Please Help....
What version of the A3D drivers are you using? The last version released was version 3.12.
I use an All-In-Wonder Radeon. I haven't had any sound problems myself.
Have you tried changing the sound settings in your games, or in the Aureal control panel applet?