Atmos Setup


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Finally upgraded my to receiver yamaha rx-v685 from a denon avr-2808 and picked up 4 extra satellites to do a 7.1.2 setup. Any tips for setting up atmos? I have a drop ceiling as well so im guessing ill have to modify some panels and anchor the speakers.
Good timing. I'm doing the same thing tonight. My Denon reciever has me limited to 5.1.2 for now, but I'm sure I'll be tempted to upgrade that soon after to add rear Atmos channels.

I went with the actual Dolby speaker modules that are designed to be used with the speakers I have. They sit on top of my fronts and are upward firing. So you just bought normal speakers to use for Atmos?

Not sure what you've looked up yet for setup. Dolby has all the angles and distances set up for their spec. Crossovers are typically set at 180Hz, but that's when using normal Atmos specific speakers. I'm.sure yours are the typical 80Hz if they are full range. My specific reciever is only 7.1. I'm using 5.1 currently, and just have to assign the extra two speaker connections to "Dolby Front" for upward firing modules on top of the front speakers. Sounds like you have a receiver with specific connections though.
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Just want to say the upmixer for Atmos is pretty good at what it does, even for quality stereo sound. I never liked "movie mode" as it usually just makes things sound hollowed out but Gene at Audioholics had nothing but good stuff to say about it so now I use it almost all the time except for vocal music cause I got a cheap receiver without the extra tweaking capabilities. (Don't watch a lot of TV, just wanted something that is at least current).

Now I gotta wait for the next AppleTV so I can get a real Atmos source. Our BD player is a first gen and probably won't do Atmos correctly.