ATIRW.EXE Prevents computer from entering standby...


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Now that I'm back at school I have a use for my remote wonder II. I install the latest driver and app then restart and plug it in. It works. Only problem is now when I make it enter standby the computer fans still spin. Before the remote it would enter what I call deep standby where everything would shut off except the blinking power light. In my troubleshooting killing the ATIRW.EXE process solves this, but I don't want to have to do this every time I standby the system and then have to restart the program. Thanks in advance! Here are my current specs below:
Asus P4P800 Bios 1020.2
Intel Pentium 4 3.4E 800 1MB L2 Retail (Prescott core)
1.5 GB of RAM (2 512 Kingston Valueram sticks and 1 512 kingmax stick)
ATI All in Wonder X800 with Cat. 5.8 and Cat Control Panel
Western Digital 120 and 250GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drives
16x BenQ DVD Burner
Windows XP Pro w/ SP2 and updates
Antec Sonata Case with Antec 480 True power supply
Sound Blaster Audigy with Modified Audigy 4 drivers
Linksys WMP11 Wireless ethernet card
I have a very similar problem. My remote wonder II causes my fresh winxp sp 2 install to hang when it attempts to enter standby.

Does anyone have a clue with this one?

I am running the newest 3.0.02 drivers. or whatever they are numbered.
At least your atirw.exe doesnt randomly crash like once every 4 hours. I did a clean install of 3.2 along with windows xp sp2, and I'm still getting this error. The program freezes up and 3 or so drwatson.exe processes begin trying to analyze the problem.