ATI WDM TV tuner service failed to start


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Ever since I installed my new X800XL video card I have been getting intermittent problems with mouse slow down accompanied by garbled sound, and then shortly a complete freeze up of my computer requiring a hard restart. Everything is then fine until the next time it happens. I have done a comprehensive virus/malware scan and my system is clean. I checked the temperature and voltage and they are fine. I checked the event viewer and the following 3 errors appear repeatedly
The ATI WDW tv tuner service failed to start....
The ATI WDM specialized PDC codec service failed to start.....
The ATI WDM Tv Audio Crossbar service failed to start.....

This is not an AIW card and doesn't have a TV tuner. It does have VIVO. Should those services even be trying to start?

My system:
AMD Athlon 2600XP
2 GB RAM - checked and working fine
350 W power supply

Thanks for any input -