ATI TVTUNERPCI...sound bleeding/Dscalar/ATI control panel installation


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Hi folks.

I really do prefer Dscalar over the ATI TV but was wondering about proper installation and what is necessary.

For example, if I don't want to install the ATI control panel, can I just install mmc7.9 and the Dscalar?

When I did do that, I notice that whether I choose input mixer or not, the sound is constantly on even when I exit Dscalar.

SO, I unistall Dscalar and intalled ATI control panel. Now the sound works fine but there's still sound bleeding going on even when I shut off the tuner.

I'm using the onboard sound on my Asus A7N8xdeluxe.


Thanks for any iput:D
If I mute line-in then I'll have no sound. That's the input I'm using from my atituner to my on board nvidia sound.

Asus A7N8X deluxe
ATI TVTUNERPCI...sound bleeding/Dscalar/ATI control panel installation

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