Ati TV Wonder VE


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Can someone please direct me to the current driver updates For the TV Wonder VE and Guide Plus+(TM)-WSKY.
Also update Splash Screen for the GP+.
Currently using:
ATI Radeon 9200SE

Can I get dual screens to run with the above as well?

Thanks for any new ideas.

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You can get the latest driver and software packages from the ATI / AMD website. But things you should know first... The current XP package for TV Wonder VE does not allow recording and I'm certain the installer doesn't include Guide Plus+ for Windows (GP).

At your own risk, I think you'd be better off trying to find an older version of ATI's Multimedia Center (MMC). You might try or similar websites. Again... At your own risk.

I was able to find MMC 7.9 at Driver Guide. Google helped me find an installer for GP. But for the VE cards, MMC restricts recording resolution to * width x 240 height:
720 x 240
640 x 240
352 x 240
You name it x 240 max.

If you poke around here, you'll find more information about the VE cards and MMC versions. If I recall correctly, the version you'd be best with is 7.1 or 7.5. Search and read the forums.

The Radeon 9200 should support dual monitors. Here's a link to the current location of the user manual:

I can't comment on the latest drivers other than saying they can still be downloaded from AMD. You'll have to install the Catalyst software to configure multiple displays.

Disclaimer: The download page for the Radeon 9200 Series also contains a link to the latest MMC package. Having a recognizable Radeon card in addition to your TV Wonder VE may allow better recording options.

If you do everything right and still have trouble getting dual displays working, compare your s-video out holes to the pins in your s-video cable. Also look at the outer ring of the s-video out. As well as the pin holes, there are slots or grooves that must match with your s-video cable. If your video card requires a non-standard or proprietary cable, you'll have to find one.

A funky workaround that *might* work is to plug your monitor into the DVI slot, (using a DVI to VGA plug if needed) and plug your s-video into the VGA slot using a VGA to s-video plug. I've had that work about as oftetn as I've had it fail.

Let us know what happens.
dual screens? like 2 monitors with regular windows desktop usage? every card does that in the past almost decade