ATi Tv Wonder Pro pci x64 drivers

Hey thank you this sounds very interesting. I do still have an ATI TV Pro PCI card (not in service right now). So you have that card installed & it's able to view & record TV in XP, Vista, & W7 64 bit version OS - Is that correct?

What Program are you using to set up & use the card?
Is Windows Media Center able to see & detect them in Vista & W7?

How hard would it be to make 32 bit versions of these?

I am interested in this, but if you are able to do this: Is there any possibility that you could make a driver for the ATI HDTV Wonder, and the ATI All-In-Wonders? --> the ATI All-In-Wonders do work under Vista (not sure right now whether it's been updated to include W7) but you have to use something like Beyond TV's Snapstream (4.9 and above). That program costs $99 & I don't like the functionality layout & operation it's much clunkier than say Window's media center.

My brain is failing me i've forgotten whether Vista will detect the ATI HDTV Wonder (seems to me it has partial functionality).
Yes, one should be able to watch and record TV in win x64 os all versions. I've only received a few messages on how it is working (good it seems) but any feedback is welcome. The driver packages have a lot of detail on installation, how it works, etc.

I don't use the tuner part of the card because I got my vcr/dvd hooked up to the composite/svideo inputs. I'm not too sure if the tuner works properly as i haven't tested it thoroughly. The composite and svideo works just fine for me.

I use primarily windows media encoder x64 for viewing and recording but most programs should also work like adobe flash media encoder, virtualdub, expression encoder and probably more. I got one report that stated the card works in windows media center windows 7 but I haven't tried myself.

One could try to make a 32bit version, not sure if it will work but I found somewhere on the internet that you can actually use the win xp drivers on vista and 7. If you like I could try to package one but I'm not sure if I can do it but i could try.

Regarding the HDTV wonder and the all in wonder cards, I'd have to know the chipset of the cards. Since I don't have any of those, I'd probably have a hard time because I wouldn't be able to test them. Maybe somewhere on the internet there are generic drivers that work with those cards. Hope that helps.
Just found out that driver works with windows media center although for me at least I have some problems with color, etc. but perhaps it just my computer.

I will post a link to download an alternate 32 bit version of the driver very soon!
Too bad the driver ini ven numbers don't match the HD650 Theater Pro. They are: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4D50&REV_00

Keep up the good work though. ATI has completed dropped support for all their current TV Tuners. Nice to know there are still some modders at large.
i know this is tecincally Necro'ing, but i got it to work for me under Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and DScaler, but Any idea how to NOT make it default record to 720x240 and more like 640x240?
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