ATI-TV WONDER PCI display problem!(TNTx users read)


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I have TNT2 AGP card, and I have Tv-Wonder, now, I don't know what drivers you people are using for TNT2, (does who have TNT2).
When I use anything newer than 2.08 ref. driver from nvidia. Video won't display, only sound. Now what the **** is the problem? Well, the problem is with overlay.
When I goto registry when I had 2.08 driver, Overlay option is set to '1' BUT, there is no tab under display setting. Now, when I installed 3.53 and newer, there is overlay tab and in registry, overlay setting is set to '1' also. So what the heck is the problem? don't know!! anyways, if I goto registry and disable overlay (set to '0')
Display tab for overlay is gone! BUT Tv-Wonder now works perfectly!.....
BUT I don't want that! I want everything tobe working perfectly without tweaking anyting and disabling any tool under display properties.
what driver you people using? this problem only with me? or do you people have same problem?
O~yeah, before I used Viper V770 TNT2, I used Creative TNT2 and, it gave much better image quality! what is wrong with this???
anyways, repost any comment you want.