ATI Theater HD 750

...In other words I could split the signal multiple times and have multiple Vista Media Center systems with multiple analog / digital tuners all receiving a rich lineup.
Severely limited Clear QAM
The ATI Theater HD 750 wont change any of this for me though.
That really stinks, that you lost all those QAM channels and especially about the analog.

For a while I was getting extra QAM stations (just the regular broadcast stations from the Twin Cites, but it was nice to get their news etc) from the next state over ...we were just on the border of two of our state's TV districts and the next one over gets it's stations from that state. But they killed all but one of those stations.

I still don't see any real changes in the HD750 for the US users??? and like you at this point, no reason to buy.

i thought analog is limited to ~70 channels
From site How Stuff works 2-83 are the broadcast spectrum...but analog out of the wall cable can go up to whatever the TV is capable of 120ish. I've got some really old TV's that only go up to 69.
After that you need the cable box to get more channels.
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