ATI Remote Wonder Plus error


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Greetings ,

I have the remote wonder plus that came packaged with the TV Wonder elite , and for some reason every now and then (more now it seems) I get a atirw.exe error either after coming out of standby or after startup after which the buttons on the RW don't work properly Like I push 3 once and get 333 no matter how soft I touch it and volume doesn't work stuff like that , after which I have to reinstall the RW drivers again to get it to work.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software that came on the disk several times ( both Power Cinema and RW Plus programs and drivers) and each time using DC3 from safe mode to make sure I get as much uninstalled the best I can as possable.

I did have a Remote wonder on this pc before (and had NO remote problems) that is now on another pc allthough I uninstalled the drivers for both the TV card and remote before putting in the new hardware , could it be some driver files left from that that may be causing this , I was very carefull?

thanks for any info.