ATI Remote Wonder II


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Anyone tried this remote?

I'm looking for something to mainly control Media Player Classic, so i can pause, seek etc while sitting comfortably in my viewing chair. So it would be nice to know if it's compatible.
I have one.
It should be compatible with the basic functions, like Play, Stop, Pause, etc.
There might even be a plug-in for extended features. And if there isn't ATI has released an SDK, so you can make your own.
The newer Windows Media Players are not explicity supported by the RWII's software. My guess is that it won't explicitly support WM Classic as well. You will probably get basic functionality from the remote. This means that buttons like play, pause, stop, prev/next should work. However, you probably won't get anything fancy like being able to seek to a specific position using the remote.

There are an extensive number of third-party plugins available all over the net though. Chances are you might be able to find one that will give you WM Classic support the way you need. The good thing is that you can check this out before even purchasing it just by searching.

I'm using a WM9 plugin right now that adds the ability to seek back and forth 5, 30, or 60 sec. Otherwise, my RWII functionality is limited for WM9. It's a good match if you have ATI's MMC softare. Otherwise, I don't find myself using it too much beyond that and WM9.
To be honest, I find using the mouse control to be a pain in the butt for doing sensitive tasks like seeking to a specific spot. The improved mouse control of the RWII over the RWI doesn't seem to really help this out either, though it does make it more bearable. I still find myself just getting up and using my mouse to seek.

If you intend on using the RWII mainly for WMP Classic, my candid recommendation is to save your money for something else. It wasn't really designed to be used for WMP, and it seems to excel mostly w/ ATI's own software. If you can find some excellent plugins for WMP, it might be worth it. That page you linked to is also where I found a lot of my plugins, and I still haven't found a killer WMP 9 plugin. :(
I see..

Anyway, I don't feel like cancelling my order now. And besides, it's not only for use with MPC. Winamp control is the first thing that springs to mind. And just having the freedom to pause whatever I'm watching without getting up is reason enough. ;)
Didn't know you already ordered it. In that case, enjoy your purchase. I still do find it convenient for watching my TV recordings even w/ the limited WMP functionality. Skipping back/forward 5 and 30 sec in the plugin actually takes care of a lot of things. :)