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What can you do with the remote (I know with the movies, but what else?)

Does it work great?
The remote wonder has many uses,…

You do not necessarily need to have an ATI All-In-Wonder video card or TV Wonder product to make use of it but the remote does make the most out of these products,…

This link outlines some of what you can do with the Remote Wonder:

You can buy an OEM Remote Wonder (version 1 not version 2) for about ~$30 US.

My remote works fine and I have no complaints but I would like to buy a Remote Wonder Version 2 just the same,…


Nice little review of the RWII here:
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Here's a cool site someone showed me dedicated to Remote Wonder
We have a remote wonder forum here also btw
Hey no problem man!

My info is your info,…bro:)

Anyway, I just came across a page that has the Remote Wonder II for sale at a $42 price point!!

I had no idea you could even buy one of these things yet!!!

I think I’m going to go and order one;)
I don't think that's the correct one, wrong picture maybe? cause that should be like 100 dollars. Look at the included items. It shows 4 x AAA and that is the first wonder, the second wonder uses only 3 batteries... I know everything else Screams Wonder 2... just watch it... even on ebay it's at least 70... anyways i'll give them a call on monday if it's still in.... i'll report what i find, too bad i didn't get this earlier today, i would have called.
I guess it pays to be cautious xycury,…

Although, I bought my OEM RW1 from this place for about ~$30 and I guess since I have already had successfully dealings with them that I am a bit more optimistic in this respect,…. My guess is that the Package Content
battery issue is a typo,..

Now, honestly I was unaware that the RW2 could be bought in an official capacity in any way shape or form,… however it is common knowledge that this would change. I can see how an unofficial sale of a RW2 could command a price of $70 to $100 but I think the $40 to $50 dollar range is more realistic with respect to an actual OEM/retail price. In other words $70 to $100 is “blood money” that one must pay to get an otherwise unavailable product,….IMO,…

BTW, ebay might be a good place to find a bargain here or there but IMO it is also a good place to go to get ripped off. It is not uncommon to see a retail item going for two or three times the retail price. Example, I came across a Hardcano9 going for over $40 when you can get it at newegg for $19 and there are other such deals going on.

Like I said, I think I’ll buy one this weekend and I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it turns out,..
hey Agustus

Yeah I had dealing with them too and they have been good. But i never heard nor seen any other place selling these.

that's true, if you can't find it, ebay will get ya with way more than it should cost.... supply and demand.

If it's a typo I was looking at, then great! Let me know what you find out. I would gladly get one... as right now i don't know if it's low batteries or just too many drops, but my remote wonder seem not to live up to the 25ft or so.

How soon do you think you'll get it? I will defiinately want to know, cause i bet once word is out... these will be gone before too long.

well only reason i was cautious because i was burned by one. You know or They had a AIW 9000 for 70 plus shipping. I called and was confirmed that it was. But what shipped was just the 9000. no AIW in there at all. They then found out their problem and took the entire page down. I am getting my money back plus shipping... but not shipped back. It's ok, lost 4 dollars, some hope and excitement, and still will have to wait to get my money refunded. I just figured they would be above errors like that, and even since i called them and confirmed. oh well.....

Agustus, Let me know when you get it! I'm curious and anxious to get my own.
Will do xycury!

I just ordered it on Sunday May 23 rd and I’ll post up the results of the experience when I get it.
OK, xycury,…

I just got the delivery from UPS and I can now confirm that it is indeed the “Remote Wonder II”

OEM Package contents:

Remote Wonder II with base

Three (cheap) AAA batteries

Install guide

$42 shipped!!!!

I think I’ll keep my RW1 and use it on System2 and see how it fairs with my WinTV card :).
Hey, no problem man,…

BTW, I just found out that you can have a RW1 and a RW2 on the same system at the same time!!!

I believe that they shares the same settings,…

Before installed the RW2 I removed the version RW1 drivers and replaced them with the version RW2 drivers. I then rebooted and plugged in the base for the RW2 into a Belkin powered 4 port USB 2.0 HUB. After recognition, and playing with the RW2 a bit I plugged the RW1 base into the same HUB and the hardware was immediately recognized and usable.

Near as I can tell, there isn’t much difference between the respective versions,…

Pressing the “?” button in EasyLook mode yields the normal help menu but a picture of the RW2 is used instead of the RW1. So I guess support for the additional RW2 buttons have been added but little else at this time,…

One thing I find odd about the RW2 though,…

For all it’s additional buttons, it doesn’t seem to have a “Library” button which I find somewhat annoying. Overall, I’d have to say that I like the RW1 better then the RW2 but then again I knew that I probably wouldn’t like something new with respect tot something that I was used to and liked so much. If anything it will take some time to get used to.
RW II and MMC Library

RW II and MMC Library

Hmmmm, on my REMOTE WONDER II, pressing the ATI button gets me the library.

Did you look at the preprogrammed settings in the RW properties page and change anything?
I didn’t change anything from the default settings,…

The ATI button launches EASYLAUNCH,….presumably by default,…

I’d like to assign it to something like the Library but I am not sure how,…

I thought only the A,B,C,D,E,F and AUX buttons were programable,…
So, you have some choices

So, you have some choices

If you go into the configuration options through the Launchpad, and turn off EAZYLAUNCH, you should default to having the ATI button launch the MMC Library in EAZYLOOK.

You can assign one of the AUX buttons, or you could just use EAZYLAUNCH to provide the front end, and cycle through to the Library, and select.
Thanks for the suggestion MMC Oracle.

I’ll likely mess around with the settings a bit but I am already comfortable with getting to the Library via the EASYLOOK front end.

I just thought it was a bit odd not to see a labeled icon “Library” button on the RW2,….

Odd bit of business that,..IMO,...