ATI Rage 3d Pro - Can't get LCD port to enable


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I have a Gateway 500 with XP pro. Everyting is
working find accept for the LCD port on the ATI 3D Rage Pro 4MB AGP ATX
Video Card. I can't get it to work. It was working before with XP pro and
now that I replaced the hard drive and reinstalled the OS it isn't. Do I need
to install 98 with drivers then upgrade? I have a
Gateway FPD 1500 monitor that will only use the DFP/LCD port on the
card. I have downloaded multiple driver from multiple site including AMD and Gateway, DriverGuide etc. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Hm this gateway 500 is a some sort of Laptop with output for external monitor?

If it is a desktop why dont you give some cash (30-60$) to get an ATi X300 128MB or an ATi X550 128MB or an ATi X1300 128MB card (all cards in the 30-60$ range). Of course i am not sure if you could use that monitor with any of the above cards. (and i am not at all sure if you could use the above cards with your motherboard, probably not)

Now to your problem, it must be some sort of driver installation/configuration issue. Are you sure you installed the correct drivers for your card? When you say everything is working fine you mean at the main screen of the laptop? Which drivers have you installed? Connect the monitor to the port, then Search through the catalyst center options (or which ever center there is, it must be the old display center for this card) at the display manager and display options to see if you can detect and enable the Gateway FPD1500 monitor.

Ok, i did a google search for your card and it has a D-sub 15-ping (VGA) allong with a 20-pin DFP connector. Now that i get the whole picture it probably was one of the first cards that supported DFP/LCD monitors. As i said before connect the monitor to the DFP port and search in the display center options to enable the DFP monitor.

It might be after all that the drivers you have dont support the DFP port under WindowsXP. In that case uninstall the graphic card drivers and try to install the Win98 drivers in WindowsXP (ok it sounds nuts but it might work) or try to find other drivers that support the DFP port under windows XP.

As to which other cards may work with your machine, it must be all the AGP x2 and (maybe) x4 cards but not the AGP x8 cards(which have fallback to 4x mode but dont fit in in all mobos).
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