ATI Rage 128 Pro AIW + Win XP = Crash


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I've tried everything I know how to and emailed ATI's support with no help from ATI.

I used the default ATI Rage 128 Pro AIW drivers from the Windows Update site and the most recent driver on ATI's website, but when the computer is booting into XP, it crashes and just reboots before Windows XP boots up.

When the driver is not installed, the generic Windows driver works and I can turn the resolution up to 1024x768 with no problems.

I've tried Z's page of drivers with no luck...

One of the typical bugchecks I get when the computer tries to start is

I hope someone can help, thanks!

Install another video card and see if you have problems. This seems like a hardware issue... damaged card. Check your mobo settings, reduce AGP speed, and alter AGP related settings in the bios.
Yes, I would agree it sounds like a hardware issue. However, I've installed my nVidia 6600GT in the computer and it works. I've installed the ATI card in my other computer, which is running XP 64-bit right now, and it works! This is what really baffles me, it works with the default driver installed by Windows in the 64-bit version. :nuts:

Unfortunately, the mobo in the comp is a ECS K8T890-A, and it doesn't have many options to change video card settings. I've tried updating the mobo BIOS too, didn't help much... Any other ideas?