ATI Radeon 32 DDR + ATI Tv Wonder together?????



Hi everybody!!,

i have a very urgent question.. i planned for some times now to buy
together a simple Radeon 32 DDR (+tvout) + Tv Wonder Tuner (very good
little tv tuner + capture vid-in s-video and composite and sound too..)..
All seems to be good for me on the paper [at last!!!! ,)] and i was happy
to buy this 'combo' that seemed to have it all for me and my budget..

**But** i read on the 'ATI technical papers' this!!!!!!! ,((( :

To sum up:
" Multimedia Center 7.0, which currently ships with the RADEON products,
is not compatible with the ATI-TV WONDER tuner card.
To use an ATI-TV WONDER in conjunction with a RADEON product:
1. Un-install ATI Multimedia Center 7.0
2. Re-install the ATI-TV WONDER software, from the ATI-TV WONDER
installation CD. "

What does it mean???!
What will i loose without the MMC 7.0?? DVD app, that's it???

But i'm also all the more puzzled now with this recent thread i read in
this same 'Rage3D' forum:
In one post on this very specific topic (Radeon + Tv Wonder), seantek had this answer from hifat, but NO precise answer apart this one (and this is exactly my same question/problem in fact!!!!..)

Topic: Can I get S-Video In on a Radeon 64?
posted 09-22-2000 04:30 AM

SeanTek, I have an ATI TV wonder VE & a Radeon 64meg
VIVO & the two are working perfectly together. I can't comment
on the bullitin you read, I can only tell you from my own experience. I
don't seen to be having any problems so far 7 both have been running on
my system for about a week.

So: what is this all about???????
What to believe???

Is it possible to use a Radeon with a Tv Wonder so??
If not, what do we loose without the MMC 7.0 of the Radeon exactly???

I really would love to buy this 'ATI combo' compared to a Geforce Mx o/c
+ another Tv Tuner, but if this doesn't work together??... ,((

Please, do you have some experience with this combo too??
Does this work indeed??

Many thanks in advance!!!

I know this isn't the help you wanted, but why not get an All-In-Wonder Radeon?
Its a 32mb DDR + All the features of the TV wonder and more...

It will cost more, but I agree the aiw radeon is a much better solution.

Aside from better capture performance you get MPEG2 capture, stereo sound, spdif digital audio for DVD. It only uses 1 irq and only consumes 1 slot in the pc.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial, Verdana">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by maniac_35:
but if wants to game the core is only 92/92.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Nope, the core is 166/166 on the Radeon AIW.
I think the Rage 128 AIW was around 92/92.

The AIW Radeon is equal to the 32 mb (ddr) Radeon in gaming.

Everybody: thank you for your suggestions!! I knew it (i saw A LOT of the 'great' AIW reviews/etc too!!!..): YES, a AIW could be a very nice solution in itself (but not really adapted here alas -see below..).

**Thank you** very much too particularly!
In fact, there are here 3 factors that make for me the AIW NOT a so good solution HERE alas ( apart for the price alone evidently -not the n°1 problem here anyway ,(( ):

1- the Radeon AIW is alas NOT available here in Europe for NOW (even the simple Radeon are not very easy to find here in France.. i don't even mention the prices for the (even oem)64Mo models: *lamentable* compared to the US prices.. ,(( -this f* Euro currency i suppose..): AND the last news say NOT before Christmas for the Radeon AIW anyway HERE (secam).. knowing ATI here in Europe, i'm not at all optimist for this.. And i'm in France with Secam Tuner too (the worst *ùµ%¨$ tv video format in the world too.. ;< ): even more 'special' for availability.. AND I CAN'T WAIT EVIDENTLY SO LONG ALAS.. ,(

2- I particularly NEED a **separated** capture card / video card for eventual future video upgrades.. a little (good) tv tuner AND a separated video card is so the best solution for me **anyway**.. even if the Radeon AIW will ba a GREAT first solution for 'video beginners', YES, no doubt, alas.. ,((

3- For now, The AIW tv Tuners **always** use the Booktree BT829 chipsets for TV Tuner.. The Tv Wonder use the more common BT878!!!.. That could be not of a big importance anywhere apart France/Europe [Deutchland too.. ;)], but HERE, we have some little 'secret tricks' available for the BT878 tv tuner cards not so available with the BT829 too.. SO, for the TV TUNER part, the Tv Wonder is a lot BETTER for me, European market!!!.. I can't say more here but this is true for some usages.. :),)

Voilà.. alas.. ,((

SO: No ideas for the combination Radeon + Tv Wonder in itself, so, apart this suggestion so????

[yes, i know, the AIW (secam here) Radeon will be a superb 32mb (163/163 o/c-abilisable too to ~190/190) combo for the vid-in possibilities when it will be AVAILABLE HERE, but not now alas..].

No other suggestions anyway??!

Very best regards to all of you,
Just saw this message, and thought I'd pop in, since I HAVE a Radeon 32meg DDR and an ATI TV-Wonder.

The one bonus you get with the TV Wonder over the Radeon AIW, is the simple fact that graphics cards are getting shorter and shoerter as far as lifespan goes. Something new and better is out every three months or so it seems. With the TV-Wonder if you upgrade your graphics you still get TV support.

Now the downsides:

We're still waiting for upgraded TV Wonder drivers. TV Wonder is at driver version 2.0 while the Radeon is at driver version 7. The two seem to install fine, but will go to pot as soon as you try to use them together. The solution? Install the drivers for the Radeon but not the multimedia center. Then install the TV Wonder drivers.

You lose the software DVD player (which is a very nice player that does NOT support Dolby Digital or 3d sound, alas). And upgraded versions of the file player and a few other things. It's not a big loss. Second the TV wonder doesn't work in Win2k (I use win98 and Win2k in dual boot setup.. So I have TV on one and DVD on the other)..

The TV drivers are a tad buggy. Sometimes movie encoding crashes. Sometimes other things can lock it up, but it's generally fairly stable for TV watching. Ditto the Multimedia Center in Win2k (it'll occasionally lock watching multiple avi or mpg files)..

Hopefully new drivers will clean up the incompatibilities and I believe the extra features of the Radeon AIW (except the TV/Video out) are all software, so we may see upgrades in what the TV wonder can do there as well..

But for now, that's what you get..

Thank you very much, really : exactly the sort of full/precise answer i needed here, **really**. :-) and exactly what i had to hear : this 'meets' some others comments i obtained from others sources (no w2k, no dvd then, etc.): *but* so it can effectively and apparently 'well works' (sort of) together **all the same** =under w98= for now then -at least. ,)

well.. perhaps i might take a miro pctv 'pro' too then : no sound-in but [very good i hear! :)) radio fm too, and it seems to be very good for sound/tuner [and with a 100% well known&confirmed Bt878 made in miro too.. :)]!!

Thanx again Grimm. I will see so (i have to 'think' a little again then..).. BUT hard choice to have all the same then.. ,-((

Perhaps another last question maybe (if i could..):
how is the 'capture' *quality* (for a tv tuner class evidently -not AIW) : i heard the Tv wonder had a *very* good quality vid-in for color calibration/quality.. The Miro i don't know (i only know its radio/tv quality).. ,(( The Hauppage have 'well known' quality vid-in filters i heard too, the miro, i don't know exactly for this (vid-in).. ,((
any ideas for this?

Grimm: if you could answer a last time; how do you find/'confirm' the vid-in capture quality of the Tv Wonder for you???? Do you think the Miro pctv pro could be as 'good' for this and then could be a similar *alternative* for me too ???? [others may answer too ;)].

But Thanx again anyway.
' Merci 1000 ' :-);-)