Ati or Omega Drivers?


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Im about to build my computer and was wondering which drivers do you recommend for the best stability? ATi Drivers or Omega Drivers?
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there comes a time when...

there comes a time when...

use the ati drivers. those tweaked drivers are good but i find the ati ones FaStEr.


The ATI drivers may be a little faster on some things, but Omega's drivers for Win9x or Omega/Cyborg drivers for Win2000/Xp I think are the way to go. They fix problems and tweak setting to give you the best gaming experience. Also I have never had a lock-up or error in a game that was not the result of me clocking my card too high or getting to agressive with the RAM timings. They are VERY stable (at least for me). These guys do a great job and they do it for free for the ATI community. ATI's latest leak had some problems and who is working to fix them for a release based on the leak.....Cyborg and Omega.
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