ATI Multimedia center and TV-Wonder PCI



Hi everyone

I have an ATI Tv-wonder PCI tuner card, and I've heard about incompatibilities between different versions of ATI multimedia center software installed on the same system. Since I'm going to buy a Radeon64 DDR ViVo, will I be able to use only the latest mmc with both cards (in order to watch DVDs with Radeon's full support, view/capture TV stream with TVWonder and so on...)? Or else will I have to install only the older mmc (TVWonder's), watching/recording TV but losing the ViVo video in/out and DVD features? Can I install both versions of mmc without conflicts? Please, help me... What can I do in order to fully use both cards'features, not losing neither Radeon ViVo's in/out/DVD nor TVWonder's tuner/digital vcr? (And the funny thing is that both these cards come from ATI!!! Too bad they don't care about these problems between their products) :confused:
no-unfortunatly you can only use one mmc and even that isn't very easy, on the web site they say just uninstall the radeon's mmc and install the tv wonders- I did that and was going to use a softwear dvd player but when I tried a few software dvds I realized they just weren't going to cut it. I reinstalled the Radeons mmc and now if I try to do it all over again un and reinstall the tuner card doesn't find any chanels
So now I'm using an old VCR to my video in for a tuner-that works pretty good, but my capture stopped working somewhere along the way-will it ever end?
I do however love the performance...
Thanks man

still sounds strange to me... Why ATI didn't release a new version of mmc for free download, which can be used with Radeon ViVo and TV-Wonder at the same time? Or at least make the newest version compatible with all the boards? I think I'll ask them... hoping to get a clear response. :rolleyes:

Any other ideas, TVW and Radeon owners?
The easiest solution is to do what I did, dump the TV Wonder & get a Hauppage TV card.

I did that, & the Hauppage works perfectly in both Win98SE & W2K & causes no issues with the Radeon.

I agree you shouldn't have to do this, but waiting for a solution from ATI is sorta like watching paint dry!!

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I did have mine working from 2 seperate directories. But after an unrecoverable Windblows crash and reformat I couldnt figure out how I got them to work together.

There seems to be a conflict between the TV player and the Video in.

Pulled my TV card and just hooked up my VCR.