ATI mach64


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Just bought (2nd hand)a ATI mach64 PCI for 1€ ... :)

... my first EVER BBA card and also my first PCI graphics card ... :)

now I can star to OC and flash my ati9500 till helll comes ... and then try it again ... :)

(Sidenote: you need a PCI card for some cool stufff ... like restoring a dead graphic card bios) LOO
My sympathies to your misfortune....
Maybe next time you can get something a bit better.

You seem to have missed the point ... 1€ ($1.2) for a PCI 2MB graphics card ... hehehe ... made in 1995 ... :S

I'm fine with that ... it is going straight to my 486-Dx2 66MHz@80MHz ... aka home pc Number 7 :)

Beats the hell out of PC number 6 ... IBM p133MHz with integrated 1MB s3 and a 16MB dimm RAM (5volt?) ... cof cof

I was just pointing out that it was a Built By Ati ... the first one I ever bought ... :P