ATI: DX8 Multisample Buffer Formats

Dave Baumann

New member
Given how Jason (Mitchell) described SMOOTHVISION's operation to me at ECTS I'd have expected to the the DX8 'D3DMULTISAMPLE_2_SAMPLES' all the way through to 'D3DMULTISAMPLE_16_SAMPLES' supported, but the DX8.1 caps listing (taken from the 'alternate' driver that perports to has SMOOTHVISION enabled) this does not appear to be the case.

Will this be enabled in future drivers? Or is it not functional?
Good question

Good question

Anyone with a Voodoo 5 checked the 'D3DMULTISAMPLE_2_SAMPLES'?
So far I know was the latest 3dfx driver Dx8 ready.
Thanx Dave

Thanx Dave

hope that ATI fix this in the next driver release.

I'm still thinking that Smoothvision is not final because the mult-buffer isn't working now.
What driver are you using Dave? NitroGL might be using a newer or dev driver release...
That caps listing is from the 'Alternate' XP drivers - - despite SMOOTHVISION being enabled in these I would have expected to see it in these drivers (unless its just an oversight).

I'd still expect to see more than just 2 and 4 samples being exposed as well...
Dave, drop your desktop resolution to 1024x768 or lower and take a look again. For your driver you may have to do this until newer ones are available.