ATI DVD Player won't work with Radeon?


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I bought my Radeon DDR oem version today, after much trouble getting past the "ddhelp" errors due to my (supposedly) still having remnants of my old AIW cards files on my drive somewhere i finally got the drivers and software to install properly with the new 3063 beta drivers posted here, at least i thought i had it all working fine. My games worked, but when i went to play DVD's in the ATI DVD Player i got an "atimmc" error, i then tried to go back and install the older ATI 3.1 DVD Player as i prefer that one anyway since you can disable macrovision on it, but that was even worse, when you try to install it the screen goes crazy with gibberish and it locks the system up. So i uninstalled everything and reinstalled the new multimedia centre with it's 7.2 version of the DVD player, same error, as soon as you start up a DVD up comes "atimmc" error, anyone else having this problem?

The only thing i can think of is that theres a conflict between the Radeon's drivers and those of the ATI TV Wonder card which i installed shorty after the Radeon, i only did so because ATI say the Wonder will work in conjunction with the Radeon on their site, but it doesn't seem to be the case so far, at least for me, someone please help, i want my DVD!
I just uninstalled the TV Wonder's drivers and now the DVD Player works, this really cheeses me off, because ATI specifically say on the Radeon FAQ page at
that the TV Wonder is the perfect solution to adding TV to the Radeon, now it turns out it doesn't work because you can't install both of the software packages that each card needs simultaneously, the only way to use the TV Wonder is to uninstall the software for the Radeon, but the TV Wonder doesn't have a DVD player and trying to use seperate older ATI DVD players like 3.1 doesn't work. I know you can use other software players like PowerDVD and WinDVD but that defeats the purpose as they run in software mode and don't take advantage of the Radeons built in DVD decoding capabilities which give far greater playback than the software players. Also, if you uninstall the Radeon's software package you can't use it for video capture either or for it's tv out which could output to the tv at resolutions higher than 800x600, which the TV Wonder can't. Man i wish i would have just waited for the All in Wonder version of the Radeon!.
Uninstall the Tv wonder Components/drivers and the Radeon components/drivers. Reinstall the Radeon stuff. Then install the TV wonder stuff in a different directory. Disable the menu bars, and just use the different features from the start menu. Not very elegant but you can use DVD and TV just fine this way.

Hopefully they fix this soon so it runs properly.

That sounded like a good idea so i tried it. First i uninstalled everything and started all over from scratch, i then installed the Radeon and it's compenents and then the TV Wonder and it's compenents into it's own seperate directory like you said. It didn't work, the DVD's went back to the "atimmc" error and the tv tuner wouldn't work, when it loads it says it's the video player from the Radeon software even though it's in it's own directory? and then the cable comes out all fuzzy as if it's being interfered with. I got fed up and uninstalled all the TV Wonder stuff again and now i'm back to square one as the DVD player included in the Radeon version of the Multimedia Center has gone back to saying "atimmc" error every time. I'm tired of playing with it today, i think that tomorrow i'll start over on a completely fresh hard drive and just install the Radeon without the TV Wonder for now until ATI hopefully do something about the problem (although that's doubtfull judging from their past record when it comes to support for the multimedia center and DVD players).
I've had the exact same problem. I'm glad to see that there is a workaround. What has been frustrating is that the DVD player has worked great under Windows 2000, but not under Win98se. When I contacted ATI support last week about it I got the following response, which does not seem to be true after reading how many others have had this problem!! Other than this one bump in the road(and crappy Nocture performance), I like my Radeon 64(retail) much better than the Voodoo 5500 or the Geforce GTS(I've had each one for a month).

This was from ATI:

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for contacting ATI Technical Support Canada.

Regarding your issue: " ATIMMC caused an invalid page fault in module

We have not had any previously reported issues with the above error message
occurring in Windows 98 SE.

Please try the following:

- Ensure that an IRQ is enabled for the ATI graphics card, and that no
conflicts occur with this IRQ
- Use Device Manager to examine (and change) the settings for the DVD ROM
- Remove and re-install the ATI display drivers and DVD software

Refer to the document attached below for full details.

Should you require any further information or assistance, do not hesitate to
contact us again.

Please quote your ATI Customer Number, XXXX61CSC, in any future


Technical Support Canada
ATI Technologies, Inc.


BTW- I "X'd" the names out for the sake of privacy!!!
ScurvyPig i figured it out!

When i saw your post about having the exact same error - "CLVSD.AX" i looked up the file in using the "find" function in windows, (i don't know why i didn't do that in the first place). Anyway, the file belongs to the ASUS 2000 software DVD player, and that's what was causing the problems in the ATI player, uninstalling that ASUS player fixes it. I'm guessing the file also exists in PowerDVD as the ASUS player is the exact same player just with their name on it. So if you have the ASUS or PowerDVD players installed but would rather use the ATI player delete them, it works like a charm now. ;-)
WinDVD and ATI player dont get along. If winDVD is installed the ATI player does wierd things. WinDVD works fine.
I have both WinDVD 2000 and the ATI 7.0 DVD Player that comes with the Radeon's multimedia plalyer installed now and they both work. The only time the ATI wouldn't work was when i had the ASUS and PowerDVD software players (which are both exactly the same just with different names) installed, but after i removed PowerDVD the ATI worked, i then installed WinDVD 2000 and it works as well, so it's probably as system to system thing where some combination of players work for some people and some don't depending on other hardware that's installed.

BTW, even with no other players installed the ATI player 7.0 shipping with the new multimedia centre is way buggier than the pervious players i used back on my All in Wonder 128, the new one is very jerky when you fast forward, use to be on the old one 3.1, you could fast forward/rewind using page up/down and just press those keys to start and stop forwarding and rewinding, but when you do that on the 7.0 player it just skips and jumps and won't stay still once it's fast forwarding, i wish they'd allow older version s of the ATI player to run with the new card.
Thanks man, you are exactly right!! I have PowerDVD installed under WIN98 along with the ATI player. I could not get either player to work when both were installed! I never considered a conflict between the two. That's why everything worked under W2000 for me! I've always played DVD's when booting WIN98 and never have installed PowerDVD in WIN2000.
He!He! It never fails! After waiting for a week you get an email from Tech support with no solution to your problem. Then a few people on a forum solve it in a couple of hours!! I guess I keep trying because I feel I should get my problem taken care of by the company that sold me the product.

Thanks Again!
Furthermore, it turns out that you can just rename the file in question "CLVSD.AX" to CLVSD.AX_BAK or whatever and then you can have PowerDVD, ASUS DVD 2000 etc.. and the ATI DVD player all installed at the same time, the removal or renaming of that file seems to do nothing to hamper the performance of either PowerDVD or ASUSDVD, i'm not sure why it was there in the first place, but now i have all three players working again now with that file renamed.

Just to confirm, are you saying now you have the Multimedia center from Radeon & TV driver software from ATI-TV wonder both installed and NO conflicts?

Not really, i have the ATI 7.0 DVD player that is included in the Multimedia Center working fine while also having PowerDVD installed, those 2 programs would conflict until i deleted that one file from the PowerDVD folder.

I did what Chisel posted to install the TV Wonder into it's own directory but so far it's still not working, the tv tuner actually comes up saying it's the "video in" app from the multimedia center, and it says it can't find any cable channels even though the cable is hooked up properly and i do have it set to the proper cable for my area in the software setup for the tuner, so that part is still buggy.
Just went and looked at my install......

I only installed the CD Audio, DVD, and file player off the Radeon CD

The CD Video and Video editor I installed off the tv wonder disk.

Currently I have the Fury VIVO with ATI-TV ISA on a P3B-F mobo, working perfectly. But just sold it. Just bought myself a CUSL2 mobo, but waiting for the AIW Radeon. But now I am moving more towards the 64MB Radeon VIVO instead, rumor has it that the 26pin connector on the top left corner of this card may be for a future "ATI-HDTV Tuner". If you look at the specs. for this card, it has HDTV support. Where as the soon to be released AIW Radeon does not and I believe can not be upgraded. What do you guys think?

I finally got my TV Wonder working. What i did was uninstall all the components from both multimedia centers and then reinstalled the one from the Radeon cd first using custom install, but this time the only thing i installed from that version was the DVD player, i left out the video in, cd audio, video clip plalyer. Then i installed the Tv Wonder's multimedia center and it worked. I think the "video in" part of the Radeon's multimedia is what was conflicting with the TV Wonder as when it was installed the TV Tuner came up saying it was the video player 2.0.

Yeah i was at first dissapointed that the AIW Radeon's weren't available when i bought mine but now i'm glad. I've always used AIW's in the past but now it think it's time to go with the single Radeon 64 meg card as logic would have that it must be faster than the AIW version and of course there's less to go wrong with the card, especially overheating without that big bulky tv tuner built onto it. The TV Wonder seems fine now and it has all the same stuff AIW had, so as long as it works in combo with the Radeon i'd go with the 64 meg Radeon and then just add the TV Wonder later if you want the tv tuner.

BTW, what's the difference between the normal Radeon DDR and the VIVO verson i hear people mentioning? Mine's the DDR oem version and it has the 26 pin connector and ATI's page on it at say's it's HDTV ready, so what's the difference from the vivo version?

I downloaded the full version of WinDVD 2000 ver 2.2 (to "evaluate" it ;) after seeing your post and tried it out. Where did you see that it uses the Radeon's iDCT functions though? i saw no mention in the readme's and all i see in it's config is a checkbox for hardware mode, but it doesn't give any specific details about it and there are no other options selectable other than the usual bob/weave stuff. Is there a tweaker somewhere? As for the player i really could see no difference in performance from the ATI player, however i can never even see a diff from the ATI player which uses the Acceleration and the software players like PowerDVD which don't, they all seem to look fine to me, so it's a tough call which one to use most often.
Duh!... i figured out vivo - aka - video in/video out! ;-) and here i was sitting here all pissed off thinking i bought my card too soon with this "new" version on the way ;-) Oh well, it sounds even cooler now that i know i have the Radeon 64 meg DDR VIVO! ;-)