ATI All In Wonder 128 TV Probs



Man - What is with ATI? I purchased a AIW 128 32M AGP and can't get it to work. The AGP doesn't work right - I get display OK but it's just as slow as PCI. When I attempt to capture (with the TV player) the system totally freezes up. I wanted the card since I do alot of video capturing. What a pain! Now I have a 230 buck board that is about 60% functional. I've tried all the tips on the tech support site. Called them and they weren't much help. Is everyone else having the same "success"? I think it's a bunch of crap.
Well no good news here but so you dont feel alone, I am having that exact problem. 3D fine (not stunning but fine), some desktop lockups at random, and all of the other ATI apps seem fine. The tuner is a sure fire excuse to hit my shinney red reset button.