Ati 9.11 for AIW HD Blue Screened


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Uninstalled 9.10 drivers, rebooted, then ran 9.11 driver installs and BSOD!
9.11 would not install in Safe Mode. Much anguish/effort to uninstall 9.11.
Now I am unable to return to 9.10 drivers for my AIW HD. Seems that as soon as the system finds the HDMI audio and starts Install driver dialog for it I get the BSOD. I've tried Safe Mode to install the 9-10_xp32-64_hdmiaudio.exe, but always BSOD!
I'm trapped and now my 2 RAID arrays are degraded as well.
Any ideas?
pci-e or agp? which card model? (does it use hdmi?)
A search for "ATI All-in-Wonder™ HD" (Ati AIW HD) provides: GPU Specifications = PCI Express 2.0 x16 bus interface.
Sorry, I didn't have my System Specs enabled. Available now.
Perhaps you are unfamiliar with this graphics card.
I will be concerned with your suggestions if the AIW devices are not in your experience, but thanks for checking in.:)
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As it seems audio drivers would be the place to start...
Run the individual setup apps from the C:\ATI folder, skipping audio for now? Disable audio in Device Mgr &/or in the Bios?... I've had the ATI audio setup (for HDMI) take over the m/board audio too. If you get the other stuff working, Realtek's audio reference drivers always seem to work OK for me. Could always try clean install for audio. Could also try manually updating the audio drivers in Device Mgr., selecting the .inf. I've never had prob with the audio part [knock wood], so don't remember how the setup files expand, but if you're stuck with msi files, Universal Extractor will expand them.
oh it's just a single model? in the past, the AIW brand had many models (like AIW 9800, AIW x800, etc)
Thanks kn00tcn and mikiem.
I got frustrated installing/uninstalling/BSODing and just shut my computer down and went to bed! I'm using my laptop till I work up enough strength to fight some more.
Whenever I get the strength, I'll try disabling the onboard RealTek sound in BIOS during bootup. I've updated the RealTek drivers whenever I find a new version for the onboard chip.
I may explore your comment that "ATI audio setup (for HDMI) take over the m/board audio" and reinstall the most recent RealTek driver.
Not sure if I can use System Restore from Safe Mode. Never needed to before this.
Every time I boot normally, the "Found new hardware" dialog comes up (in System Notification area, NOT onscreen yet) and BSOD. Does not get option to hit Cancel in onscreen dialog.
Thanks again. Further thoughts welcome.
does ati still do WDM drivers? my x800 with video out had an extra chip on the card, so i'd have to install the small WDM drivers for device manager to stop thinking there's unknown new hardware
So you know, the AIW HD is basically an AIW HD3650, but it was released 2 generations after ATI discontinued the AIW naming for normal cards.

I would report the bug to ATI (also see if it's in their known problems database, I believe all of this can be done from the support section) and just go back to the previous drivers.

If you absolutely need the latest drivers, it may be worth it to install the regular radeon 9.11 catalysts and install the 9.11 catalyst drivers for the Theater 650 pro as well, as it's essentially those two cards that are together on the board. Because of the layout I really have no idea if it would work, but there's certainly a chance.
I thought ATI said they would not be supporting any All In Wonder under Windows 7?
I can't find the article right now, but I know I saw it on the ATI site.

It's pretty comon for ATI to just stop supporting a product when a new OS comes out... Remember the Rage 128 MAXX? LOL
(ok so its not funny, but it is true)

If you notice, there is no "All In Wonder HD" download under Windows 7.
But there is under Windows Vista and XP.