Ati 650


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I'm having a problem with my tv card I have catalyst install but i don't use it I've installed the latest MMC and it works great but I dusted out my pc and when I put i back together my tv card started to mess up *on me. What it does is it distorts the pic like digital cable and it happens randomly but it rests it self when you shut down the tv mmc and restart *it. And then it happens over and over again.

This is a pic of the video screen

Any suggestion on how to fix this.
This problem even happens on time shifted tv (TV shows recorded to my hard drive any time I want) when I click on a show in the MMC liberay it shows on my windows media player with all the digitized errors in it as you see on the ati TV veiwer but when I watch the time shift pre recorded tv on the ATI TV veiwer is comes in clearly but after period of time the digitzed errors come back. Hear are some more pics