Hi there everybody !
First time poster so I hope I'm in the right area!
I have a Compaq Presario 5190, Windows XP Home.
For some strange reason, I can't get the "display adapter" driver to work, or it just disapeared or something.
It is listed as ATI 3D RAGE LT PRO. The driver isn't anywhere to be found. It has a yellow exclamation mark on the listing.
I can't find the driver for this anywhere.
Does anyone here know where I can find the driver for the "ATI 3D RAGE LT PRO" ?
My computer won't completely shut down, when I turn it off. The hard drive shuts down but the moniter stays on.
Any and all help is very much appreciated !!!!!
Thank you !
The correct forum to post in would be this one -

For a driver, try the Rage Pro driver listed on this page:

or from your computer manufacturer:

Although the drivers from HP were designed for Windows 98, not XP, and may bluescreen your system.

You might try running through Windows Update using a Custom Scan and see if any drivers are offered under the hardware section, for your graphics card.
I downloaded the driver. It wouldn't take. I got nothing but a CODE 10. So, I'm gonna replace that card and move on ! Thank you for working with me !!!! RAGE ON !!!