Asus VP349CGL 34” monitor

If $450 is "lower budget", then I'd go with the Dell S3422DWG. I think for media content/photo editing, a VA panel is going to be superior to IPS. No worries about IPS bleed, and most importantly, much better contrast/blacks with VA. The biggest downside is the viewing angles are poor, but I'd imagine you'd be sitting directly in-front of the screen when working on photo editing.

Link to the Dell:


Microcenter actually has it for $450, which blows that ASUS out of the water, imo. I assumed you wanted to stay with Ultrawide 21:9, so I went only with 3440x1440 displays.
Nunz thank you buddy - I may have to forget the whole thing. I just found out not 10 minutes ago that MacOS support for 21:9 and really any res other than 4k or 5k is garbage. I might not even be able to use a good 1440p monitor.

I’ll get a solid answer tomorrow hopefully and look at that Dell you linked :up:
I think I've heard that about MacOS before actually. In any case, a larger 4K monitor should be fine for productivity purposes