Ask your doctor if Afeela is right for you.....


Hidden in plain sight

Sony and Honda have teamed up to make an electric car, and they're calling the
Its almost as bad (actually maybe worse) as the Fiat/Chrysler conglomerate group renaming the company....Stellantis.

I mean what the hell the companies sound like prescription drug companies now lol. could they not think of a better name?
Absolutely terrible name and the car itself also looks like an extremely meh version of what Sony showed off a couple years back on their own.
I read this on a reddit post about this collab brand....

Afeela is built by Sony Honda Mobility.

Afeela SoHoMo

I logged in to lock this thread. Saw the title and thought sure it was a bot lol.

That’s one ugly vehicle, and one ridiculous name though.