Arq cloud backup?


New member
Anyone have experience with this software? I'm in the trial period now, seeing how long it takes to upload 500GB+ to Amazon Cloud. Slooooooooowwwwwwww. But it looks like it encrypts and sends to the cloud just fine.

Anyone have experience actually restoring from it? I have Macrium Reflect on my main PC (so am uploading that to the cloud through Arq as well in case of disaster).
If you just need backup (not accessing the data on a daily basis), then something like Crashplan is probably the best bet. It's inexpensive, and speed seems OK. I manage to max out my 10 mbps upstream. It still takes weeks to upload a terrabyte, but if you just have it running in the background it will eventually finish. The nice thing is it's only $5 a month for a single PC for unlimited backup.