ARGH!!! Why doesn't ATi offer the 1280x960 resolution?


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I may return my Radeon just for this reason. I tried powerstrip, but it won't allow me to set my resolution to 1280x960 either. Interestingly enough, Mac users get this resolution, but PC users don't. ATi's reason? Because 1280x1024 is one of the official resolutions microsoft dictates. That doesn't mean they aren't allowed to add 1280x960. That just means that they didn't because it wasn't required.

Of course every other video card manufacturer under the sun offers the 1280x960 resolution, except ATi.

1280x960 is the mathematically and visually correct resolution. I don't know how this 1280x1024 crap came about, but it's not the proper way to view your desktop. Everything looks squished.

I really don't want to return this card, but I can't get over something which is so important to me. Anyone have any constructive suggestions?
Didn't work MrB :( At his point, one must assume that ATi somehow blocked it out. That most likely means they can't add it at this point.
At 1280x1024, the aspect ration is 1.25, which is not the standard 1.3333333 that everyone is used to.

The lack of support for 1280x960 is
rather disappointing. Apparently ATI
doesn't cater to graphic artists.
Try 1600x1200. I know it's not much of an answer, but it's a standard resolution, a higher resolution, and has the right aspect ratio.
If anyone wants, i can hack the Radeon drivers of choice. I can add a few res' in a matter of minutes. Just wish i had a mobile version *cough* to try it out on. :)
Geez.. they bitch hard over there.... They all must think that Tom is a god or something...

"It is just another gaming card..."


Rage LT Man I <cough> <cough again only added for affect> would be willing to drop large amounts of cash for a Radeon-Equipped Laptop. That would kick a$$ on so many levels. I concur that would rock. Please, ATI, Please!!!! I would hold off on my 850 desktop purchase at work if I thought a Radeon equipped laptop was coming down the pike in a timely manner...
Man, I wish ATI would crank some drivers because at the moment their poor driver history is making me look hard at getting a GTS.

Video card's just no good if the drivers aren't updated regularly. I know some interview said that ATI wasn't going to fall into the driver death spiral again, but I really need to see some progess before I can lay down any cash.

I guess that sounded like a flame, but ATI made its own bed on this deal. I just don't know if I can trust them to put out new drivers in a timely mannert, and I need a video card within the next 3 weeks.

Can't you add resolutions here:

Anyone asked ATI support on this 1280x960 and others resolutions?
Maybe they can help now and/or put the option on new drivers.

I called ATi about it, and they said that none of their cards support this resolution. They put a request in on my behalf for the resolution, but I doubt anything will come of it.