Apple iPhone 12 Pro 5G

Did you order from Apple? If it were Apple in Dubai they would’ve either offered a full refund or sent me some free air pods or crap if I decided to keep my order.
Nah from my carrier. They then gave it to star track who returned it back to the carriers warehouse for who knows what reason. I have had hundreds of deliveries since COVID lock down. Guess which one of those orders doesn’t make it to my door? :nuts:
Haha you are truly mega gay. I would send them dick pics as well and ask my CC for a refund.
I called these dipshits again to see what the go was, apparently there is no stock left in their warehouse and so the phone will most likely take another few weeks to come. :lol:

Personally, it doesn't worry me, I got the iPhone X. Had I not had a phone right now I'd be losing my **** but meh...

I have owned all iPhones except for iPhone 11 and every upgrade was mediocre at best so I'm not really missing out on much. I'll just see how long this goes for until it is delivered :)

Ordered a iPhone 12 64 G black. Should be here day after tomorrow.
Not sure what is going on in kangaroo land.
Upgraded to the 12 pro max for "free" because my 11 pro max was 50% paid off. The camera is noticeably better on the 12, and the screen is a tab bit bigger. 5G isn't an option in my area, so I can't test that out. Overall just an incremental upgrade.
I got it because my son wanted a new phone so I am giving him my 1 year old 11.