Apparently You Need To Connect Seperate Power Rails For The 5700XT.


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So a nice chap on Reddit, out of nowhere says "Hey Guys, if you're suffering from instability with the 5700XT, be sure to have separate power rails for the 8 and 6 pin. Don't daisy chain them".


Me Now:

Seriously AMD, all the damn issues people had and this was the problem? Get the word out bro's. I feel stupid for thinking that an 850 Watt Gold PSU would be handle the draw on the same rail.

I will test and find out if I still get that random crash once in a while.
Probably, but yours truly forgot and I can't imagine how many newbies probably didn't know. The Reddit thread is like a mass of coming to Jesus moments with an army of people smacking their heads.

This has always been the case when using a PSU with a Multi-Rail setup. Single Rail not so much but its always recommended to use separate cables.

The reason for this on Multi-Rail setups depending on how the rails are divided, each rail won't have enough amps to power the GPU separately. The biggest offender was the 295x2 from AMD. Only two multi-rail PSU's supported it, Eneramx EVO and a EVGA Supernova because you couldn't get the AMP's required per rail otherwise.

This doesn't just go for AMD either, Nvidia as well. If your GPU is using 2 PCIE power connectors or like on the 3080 FE requires an adapter that takes two 8pins. Use 2 separate cables.
I bet you anything this has been the lion share of people's complaints with crashes with the RX 5700XT.

Of course, it's always easier to blame AMD/Nvidia for driver issues, or faulty hardware rather than admit it's user error, or that it could possibly something else.
In theory even if you have a single rail PSU having two wires should result in less resistance, since overall you have twice as much wiring carrying the same current. Whether that actually makes a difference in practice, I don't know, but I usually make it a practice to simply connect two separate lines. At a minimum it can't hurt anything to have two separate vs a single.