aplication[window] switching


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Is there some plugin to define global buttons for switching aplications and/or windows? I can't find any. ):
I have found that using the little "hand" button helps set Focus. Also, if you program one of the ABCDEF buttons to be the special windows keys: Alt-Tab, that will also work
I tryed to set it to alttab but when i pres it it jums to next aplication and when again it jums back to previous. ): but i wand next next next next next next ...

I found, that it work with 2.5 drivers ... but i need to hold it and its not acurate and when i use joe.exe, then it react on keypressing but i can't select app by pressing ok button or something. \:
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Ok i done it with RW key factory, but i have one another problem - how to display alt-tab menu on all monitors?