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Like others, I too have found ATI's WDM driver to be stuck at

As far as I can tell, this version has not changed since it was introduced release 7.12

I have also updated four (4) times since the 7.12 release and find that the WDM driver remains unchanged for:

- release 8.1 version 8.451.0.0
- release 8.2 version 8.453.0.0
- release 8.3 version 8.471.0.0
- release 8.4 version 8.476.0.0

Does ANYONE have a newer version of the WDM driver that is supported by the ne'er-do-wells at ATI for their TV Wonder cards???


Nope. Probably more BS than you want to know below (based on playing with my 650 for the last few months)... Stop here if all you wanted was the quick answer. :p

The latest 2 driver files are dated 11/6/07, when it seems they introduced QAM & upped the sensitivity or at least amped it up so that there have been a lot of complaints on symptoms of an over-driven tv signal.

In Vista the installer will simply tell you that the latest is already installed -- in XP you can check the expanded driver set-up files by canceling the install once it's expanded everything, before starting the actual installation.

If you're running an ATI graphics card, at least later versions, the CCC 8.3 drivers can interact with the 650 -- IMHO it's avivo clashing with avivo. 8.4 seems a lot better. Either way -- again IMHO -- you want to turn off the CCC avivo video enhancements, & possibly set the color as discussed in the 2X00 owners thread in the HTPC section of The added processing can look pretty bad depending on the signal the 650 receives, & of course depending on personal tastes.

The only other thing I've found re: 650 drivers is that the BDA portion of Windows works differently in Vista, which impacts digital tuning... The DS filter chain that allows the digital tuning & display to work is altered in Vista, & the Vista 650 drivers will not work with the DS filters used in XP. This means that a lot of (most?) software will not work with the 650 in Vista -- unless you manually swap out the 2 driver files with XP versions.

Otherwise in my personal experience I've found that digital tuner performance is extremely weak compared to the ATSC OTA tuning in the Zenith (LG) DTT900 converter. To be fair the converter uses additional electronics to pull in & lock onto the signal. Using the same amped OTA digital antenna with identical placement, the DTT900 pulls in a normally flawless signal -- better than cable quality. With the 650 it was hit or miss, required antenna adjustment per channel, & had so many dropped frames recording was useless -- viewing was possible if you kept your standards low.
Of course, your reply does not specifically answer my question or query, mikiem. :bleh:

Anyone else, other than mikiem, have any idea(s) regarding ATI's WDM driver since release 7.12?


Of course, your reply does not specifically answer my question or query, mikiem. :bleh:

I'm sorry, thought I answered your question ["...ANYONE have a newer version of the WDM driver..."] with the first word: "Nope".:) Further apologies for not making myself clear enough when I wrote: "Stop here if all you wanted was the quick answer".

Clearly the rest of my post *did not* address your question -- I simply re-hashed what little I'd learned relating to the 650's in case any of it was of use in overcoming the problems you were having. If the extra effort was not welcome, in all fairness you were warned, and could easily have scrolled down the page without reading any further. :D

And finally, apologies if my 1 word answer was less clear than it could have been. You have 3 potential sources for TV card drivers... ATI *supported* official releases (on their CDs & web site), *unsupported* & leaked ATI Beta drivers (if they exist), and 3rd party *unsupported* drivers if someone decided to try & write them. If you want supported drivers as requested, ATI's the only source. While the set-up or installation files for the TV cards have had some updates, the 2 driver files themselves have not, which can be easily verified before attempting installation FWIW. IOW, do they have newer drivers? -> Nope. ;)

That said, I am a bit unclear on where you're getting your driver version numbers... The "ATI Unified AVStream Driver" for TV cards, is v. dated 11/6/2007. The latest "released" graphics drivers are v. 8.476.0.0, which include WDM drivers for the AIW & other VIVO graphics cards. Those WDM drivers are different (I'd imagine could cause problems if used interchangeably), though I'm not hinting or implying that you'd have made that mistake. atinavrr.SYS & => TV cards -- atinavt2.SYS & => VIVO graphics cards.

I am abundantly aware that the latest "released" graphic package is version 8.476.0.0 and that it includes WDM version - any astute reader or anyone who read my original posting could confirm this fact.

Your pontifications seem oddly self-serving to me, mikiem, as well as your need or desire to reiterate facts that I already presented. In addition, your need to address specific drivers, while faintly relative, has absolutely nothing to do with my original posting.

I am not looking for a protracted conversation with you :nuts: or any apologies, mikiem, or anyone whom wishes to extend or address issues that are outside the scope of my original posting.

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He answered your question. Get over it.

Your abrasiveness is scaring others away from helping you.
About separate Theater drivers

About separate Theater drivers

Because people read these threads looking for answers, tips, and cures, after weighing the pros & cons, plainly spoken, for accuracy’s sake I want to correct or clarify something (easily verifiable) that’s showed up in a couple of threads now about drivers. I’m posting it here for continuity & clarity – it’s not any sort of rebuttal, comment etc. It is not about version numbers at all, but what I think could be a misunderstanding of what drivers ATI has available – the version numbers only come from one place as far as I can see, and that’s the display drivers.

ATI has software driver packages for their graphics cards with & without TV tuners or simply video in/out (VIVO)., & these driver packages *are very different* than those released for their TV - only devices. Do Not install something that looks like this: “8-4_vista32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_61008" for ATI hardware that is not listed in the clearly posted “Release Notes”. Do Not mistake the “ATI Catalyst XX Display Driver...” for “ATI Theater XX Driver...”

When both driver packages have a WDM section, the files included have similar names, but they are different. The t200 devices that show up in Device Mgr have similar names, but they are different. When it comes to version numbers, there is no 8xxxx version number for the Theater drivers, which when repeated over a couple of threads leads me to think maybe there is confusion on this. If you have an AIW or VIVO *graphics* card, the t200 device (in Device Mgr), may show the same version # as the Theater t200 drivers, but that’s kind of a so-what sort of thing.

ATI has made several advances in their Vista install routines to eliminate any guesswork – too bad it’s Vista only. Over the last few months it will tell you that, as with I think all the t200 device drivers, there have been no changes, so no reason to update. Hopefully they’ll figure out a way to carry this over to XP. Until then, I’m hopeful that this might help someone.

That said, to everyone: not to be impolite, nor trying to be overly polite, please read or take this post at face value. You can agree or disagree of course, but I'd hope that was based on your own research, at the least going to ATI's driver sites. There are no hidden implications, no digs or even hints to be taken the wrong way. I'm not even remotely saying that anyone misunderstood anything, but I am concerned someone could get the wrong idea, look for some version number, see that it's only mentioned with CCC driver sets, & attempt to install for their TV-only card.

:D I know it's out of date, maybe a bit lame, but watching Terminator I can't resist: any complaints, talk to the hand -> :up:
Ya know CurlySue, reading this thread (or many others you've posted in) it looks like you're more interested in flaming people than anything else - with ATI at the top of your list. Why ANYONE would want to try and help you is amazing -- just goes to show you how nice the folks in this forum are. :)

You started this thread by saying "... I too have found ATI's WDM driver to be stuck ..." OK. Then you ask for newer drivers from ATI, knowing just like everyone else, the latest official drivers are posted on the ATI web site. It's enough to make people think you're just trolling, trying to get any response at all just so you can try to get someone upset. Maybe I missed it lurking in this forum, but I don't recall you ever offering any assistance to anyone, CurlySue.

Telling x-tech to get a life -- now that's funny! And "self-righteous, inflammatory indignation."? What is that!? It's even better than " Your pontifications seem oddly self-serving"! I think x-tech was being pretty nice, trying to be helpful on the off hand chance you really were looking for more than an opportunity to flame anyone. If that's what you live for, if that's what you consider A Life, personally I think x-tech is better off already.

Go buy a k-world tuner, or just say that you did (who knows if you even own an ATI?). Then you can scream at the company all day long & they won't mind - or have any idea what you're saying. :p
Wiglaf = x-tech

Wiglaf = x-tech


How clever!!!

Same IP Address as x-tech, with a Join Date: May 6, 2008. In other words Wiglaf = x-tech.

G.F.Y. Wiglaf or x-tech or whomever prentend to be with your next new Rage3D ID.

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Wow, you're showing off your technical skills now!

Um, the trouble is, that wasn't me. I have no problem conversing with you without changing my ID.

Like I said before, good luck with those "issues" you have.
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